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The Spanish Federation of Clubs Campers (SCCF) is a grouping of campers Clubs and Associations, civil, open, athletic type, culture and tourism, totally apolitical and undertakes not to interfere in religious, philosophical, racial, with own liability under Spanish law, with unlimited duration and non-profit.

The Spanish Federation of Clubs Campers (FECC), which is a continuation of the Spanish Federation of Camping and Caravanning name change agreed at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on April 13, 2000, was legally incorporated on July 29, 1965 as successor to the Spanish Association of Camping and Caravanning and Camping Spanish Committee of the Spanish Mountaineering Federation, according to Interior Ministry resolution of July 11, 1957.

It is a constituent member of the International Federation of Camping and Caravanning (FICC) authorized by the Council of Ministers of March 10, 1967. You can also join national or international-type camper, cultural, ecological or tourism that would interest their ends.

The aim of the Spanish Federation of Clubs Campers (FECC) is to unite, nationally, associations, societies and clubs that make up campers, excluding commercial organizations and all those others who have a political or in their statutes contain racist, xenophobic or unconstitutional, coordinating the various actions arising out of everything related to camping and caravanning at national level, assuming the representation of the campers to the national and international disputes solving their interclub or interfederativos competition, respecting the powers of the Clubs and Associations are right. Development among its members the bonds of friendship, environmental protection and love of nature that are the basis of this hobby.

The Spanish Federation of Clubs Campers (FECC) facilitates the dissemination and practice of camping in all parts of Spain. Focus its efforts on the creation and formation of groups and associations of campers, and the promotion of their activities.

The Spanish Federation of Clubs Campers (FECC) will promote the creation and organization, directly or through an associate member of campgrounds in which it undertakes to accommodate all carriers associated with Camping Card International.